Two Florida cities are among the greatest waterfront homebuying destinations.

Florida is one of the best destinations in the United States for a beachfront property simply because of its geography. The state is essentially a massive sandbar, with 825 miles of sandy beaches along its coastline. However, the expense of living along the seaside is expensive.

Virtual Staging AI, an internet-based AI tool that assists real estate professionals in digitally furnishing rooms, has published a study listing the finest U.S. communities in which to buy a waterfront home.

In addition, two Florida beach towns were named in the top ten greatest cities in the country to buy a waterfront home, according to a recent article by Lianna Norman of Naples Daily News.

Here is a list of Florida cities, their rankings, and the cost of living in each city:

Where are the most affordable oceanfront properties in the United States? 

To compile the rankings, Virtual Staging AI assessed 100 of the most popular beach and lake communities in the United States to determine the most and least inexpensive places to buy waterfront houses based on housing price-to-income ratios.

“Additionally, we found the best towns to buy a waterfront home, across the board, based on six real estate-related ranking factors, including median home price, median square footage, price per square foot, number of bedrooms and the number of bathrooms,” according to the report.

“Across the research, Americans pay an average of $624,051 more for a waterfront property. “That’s a 74.9% premium!”

Kiawah Island, South Carolina, has the most cheap waterfront houses in the United States.

On Kiawah Island, the median home price is somewhat more than $1 million, while the median yearly income is roughly $214,000, resulting in a housing price-to-income ratio of 4.83.

Naples was the first Florida city to feature on the list, ranking fifth with a property price-to-income ratio of 5.85.

St. Augustine was the only other Florida city to make the top ten, finishing in tenth place with a property price-to-income ratio of 6.88.

According to the ratio of housing price to average income in each area, here is Virtual Staging AI’s ranking of the most affordable locations to buy waterfront property:

Kiawah Island, South Carolina (Ocean)
Branson, Missouri (lake).
Ocean Springs, Mississippi (ocean); Osage Beach, Missouri (lake).
Naples, Florida (Ocean)
Hampton, New Hampshire (Ocean)
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (Ocean)
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (Ocean)
Chelan, Washington (lake).
St Augustine, Florida.

What is the average house cost in Naples, Florida? 

U.S. News and World Report just ranked Naples as the finest city to live in Florida.

The cost of living in Naples, however, varies according to where you live. Of course, housing prices around the seaside will be higher than those further inland.

“As is the case in much of the country, Collier County residents can expect to pay a premium to live closer to the metropolitan shore, particularly in affluent cities like Naples and Marco Island. The cost of living falls closer to the area’s rural heartland, according to the survey.

“With relatively high property values, local municipalities in the area rely heavily on property taxes as their principal revenue source. These taxes differ depending on whether residents live in the county’s two cities, Naples and Marco Island, or Collier’s unincorporated territory.

According to Zillow, the current typical property price in Naples is approximately $602,301, with a median monthly rent of $5,700.

Is it expensive to live in Saint Augustine, Florida? 

Like Naples and every other coastal town in Florida, the cost of living in St. Augustine rises as you move closer to the water.

According to Zillow’s most recent property price averages, the average value of a home in St. Augustine is now around $456,198, with an average monthly rental price of roughly $2,263.

This article originally appeared on Naples Daily News