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Naples News Now is a trusted local news company offering true news in Naples. We have been helping the community stay up-to-date with the local news for any event. Just go through our news on several events and stay upgraded.

About the Owner's

 Robert Desiano, 

I moved to Naples in 2007 by way of Manhattan NY, by far one of the best decisions of my life! I feel truly blessed to call Naples my home!

I owned and operated one of the largest mortgage brokerage firms in NYC with over 100 loan officer's in less that 2 years growth. I saw the writing on the wall and felt like the Real Estate industry was going to crash. As a result I thought to myself I could not think of a better place to reinvent myself than Naples!

Over the last couple of years I was finding it very difficult and quite frustrating to get my local news from one main source and that is why we started Naples News Now! We will bring you the most current news that happening in Naples all on one website!


Ron Klein Co-Founder
Resident Naples 31 years
National Account Representative Ruben H. Donnelly Co. 1962-67
Responsible for National yellow page advertisers 
McGraw Hill publishing 1967-1972
Regional Sales Manager.
Introducing new product lines to McGraw Hill sales organization.
Via: Seminars, Training videos, Regional and individual training sessions
Homes Magazines.
Co-Founder Homes Magazines. 1972-1999
A startup company 1972 with three employees. We became one of the creators of Homes Magazine, combing for the first time a real-estate magazine with pictures and descriptions of the properties. Starting with one Homes Magazine grew to 54 Bi Monthly publications nationally.
The company was purchased by a Fortune 500 company in 1999. Since then continued in various publishing ventures.

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