Foreign tourists in Florida: Naples is one of the 10 most popular destination.

When it comes to tourists from other countries that come to Florida, Naples is one of the top 10’most popular’ destinations.

We are big fans of lists. In particular, lists that contain locations that we are familiar with and enjoy.

It is not unexpected that Naples, which is located in Southwest Florida on the Gulf of Mexico, was just included on another list that will most likely inspire even more people to visit. This city is known for its excellent restaurants, beaches, and golf courses, so it is not surprising that it was included on the most recent list according to a recent article by Mark Bickel from Naples Daily News.

In March, the staff members at the website Trips to Discover did some data crunching and found that Naples is ranked No. 6 on the list of the Top-10 locations to visit in Florida, more specifically for tourists from other countries. With 2,759,000 tourists from other countries, Miami emerged in first place. The nearby city of Cape Coral ranks ninth with 53,000 residents.

According to the data from 2021 and before Hurricane Ian slammed Southwest Florida on September 28, 2022, the website says that Florida is the state in the United States that receives the most visits from tourists from other countries than any other state. According to the analysis, Florida welcomed more than 4 million international visitors in 2021, representing a projected 44.6% of the total number of visitors to the United States from abroad in that year. The information used to compile the report was obtained from the National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO) of the International Trade Administration.

Using data from the NTTO, the Trips to Discover team was able to identify Florida’s top 10 metropolitan regions in terms of the overall expected number of overseas visitors to each city in the year 2021 (with the exception of travelers from Mexico and Canada).
The list of the top ten
Fort Lauderdale
West Palm Beach
To the North Port
Cape Coral
West Key West
What people are saying about Naples, according to them
Overseas visitors: 84,000

Naples, Florida is one of the best cities in Florida for getting around on foot, in addition to being famous all over the world for its powdery white sand beaches that are in excellent condition. This brings a lot of tourists. Naples, Florida is a city that keeps tourists on their feet because to its superb beach sand, it has a dedicated food truck park, and more than 700 eateries that are located within the city alone. Naples is projected to welcome approximately one out of every 100 international tourists that travel to the United States in 2021, with an expected visitor population of 84,000.


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