Beefstro’s – Serving The Best Chicago-Style Food

Naples is a city of welcoming people and great beaches. It is widely popular among people for its original yet delicious food. You’ll find a variety of Italian, American, Chinese, and cafes around every corner. One that gets attention is Beefstro’s Chicago-style food restaurant in the state of Florida in Naples.

It is at 13180 Livingston Rd Suite 104, Naples, FL 34109. They are a gourmet restaurant established in March 2014, which serves mouthwatering Chicago sandwiches that will comfort your soul

Beefstro’s is a gourmet restaurant serving warm, delicious, yet juicy Chicago Style beef and meat sandwiches. These are original recipes that we brought to Naples. As a meat lover, you’ll get comforting and juicy sandwiches, hotdogs, and other meaty meals that will make your day.

Why is Beefstro’s famous?

1.     Warm Welcome

People in Florida, especially in Naples, are welcoming and friendly, and it’s their priority. We saw that many restaurants in this place have a well-behaved staff that made them go to the restaurant. So we decided to make Naples our little family.

The foremost thing that made people love us was our hospitality and excellent service. We have trained and well-behaved staff that greets our customers with a warm heart.

2.     Italian Beef Sandwich and Hotdog

After good hospitality comes delicious food, we are famous in Naples because of our Italian Beef Sandwich. It contains well-seasoned, roasted beef on top of a homemade Chicago Italian roll. The sandwich is topped with either sweet or hot peppers, on the customer’s demand.

The next best thing is the Juicy Chicago hotdog. It is made of Vienna beef hotdog on a homemade poppy seed bun. It is topped with tomato, relish, sports peppers, celery, mustard, and pickles as the garnish. Their customer calls it” The Garden” on top.

3.     Freshness and cleanliness

Beefstro’s food items are homemade and cooked daily in a clean kitchen. Moreover, hygiene has been our utmost priority for their consumer’s health. All buns and vegetables are freshly made and prepared respectively.

4.     Affordable gourmet food

Food is something that should be tasty yet cheap because everyone deserves a delicious meal. You’ll find affordable pizzas, Chinese, and fried food in Naples, so why not Chicago comfort food?

 That’s why Beefstro’s likes to provide fantastic food and service most affordably. So people with less budget can enjoy meals in a great atmosphere.

Brief History

Our love of making and sharing some Best Chicago-style sandwiches and Hotdogs started when the owner, Neim Malo, a chef for 45 years, moved to Naples with his family. He had a nightclub in Aurora, which was a great success. He later moved to Naples with his brother to look for new restaurant opportunities.

After starting to live in Naples, he, with his friend and son-in-law, decided to open a restaurant that sells Chicago-style hotdogs and sandwiches that we’re gourmet yet affordable. Since that day, we’ve not turned our backs and are becoming a favorite audience joint of Naples.

Beefstro’s Philosophy

Behind every successful business, there is a strong philosophy. Many chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck, and Bobby Flay believe in making the best quality food in their restaurants. Like this, Beefstro’s also has a strong philosophy that makes us successful.

According to Neim Malo, a married man for 41 years, business is like a second wife, and you must behave like a married person and put” both feet in” to succeed in any business or restaurant chain.

It requires dedication, effort, and no compromise on quality to produce delicious yet warm meals that people love.

Final words

In conclusion, Beefstro’s is a Chicago-style restaurant in Naples that has served people flavorful sandwiches and hotdogs since March 2014. We’ve made our way into people’s hearts with fantastic food, good hospitality, the best hygiene, a warm environment, and polite staff.

Furthermore, Our menu is extensive and serves all kinds of meals and a variety of food items. So whenever you are in Naples, don’t forget to visit us.