Alfie Oakes Claims Political Corruption

Alfie Oakes, a prominent local businessman and Republican figure in Collier County, Florida, has accused the county’s Supervisor of Elections office of political corruption and interference after being disqualified from running in a local election.

The controversy stems from Oakes’ attempt to qualify for the ballot as a candidate for Republican State Committeeman. According to the Collier County Supervisor of Elections, Melissa Blazier, Oakes submitted incorrect paperwork less than an hour before the noon deadline on the final day of qualifying[5]. When notified of the errors, Oakes arrived at the office after the deadline had passed, and his corrected paperwork was timestamped at 12:08 PM, eight minutes late.

Oakes disputes this account, claiming that the form he initially submitted was sufficient and more detailed than the one he was later asked to complete. He argues that his disqualification is politically motivated and has threatened legal action against Blazier.

Blazier, for her part, maintains that her office acted in accordance with Florida law and that all decisions were objective and based on statutory requirements. She states that candidate qualifying ended at noon on the specified date, and as a constitutional officer, she has no authority to bend the rules or make exceptions.

This dispute has escalated into a public confrontation, with Oakes vowing to use “every legal avenue available” to fight his exclusion from the ballot. The situation has also drawn attention to the broader political landscape in Collier County, with Oakes’ supporters viewing it as an example of establishment interference, while others see it as a straightforward application of election laws.