Alamo Drafthouse will make a unique premiere in Naples.

Beers, movies, and now golf.

A miniature golf course is being added to Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, which is set to open at the Mercato in Naples in the spring. Furthermore, it won’t be to the side or beyond the front entrance. We’ll find it in the lobby, according to a recent article by Louis Llovio of the Business Observer.

The theater business based in Austin, Texas, claims that the Naples site is one of several of its facilities that will receive the attraction. This adds to the already unique movie-going experience that sets it apart from what most people are used to.

Each of the nine holes in the idea known as HappyLand Movie Miniature Golf is “inspired by some of our favorite films, with each one featuring a different Hollywood creature incorporated into the putting challenge,” according to a statement.

HappyLand, according to the company, will feature putting greens, a full bar with 24 beers, and a specialty cocktail list with a “golf-themed” selection that includes alcohol-free options. Additionally, it will sell Olde Naples Blonde Ale from Naples-based Riptide Brewing Co. under the Chubbs’ 19th Hole Blonde Ale private label.

The 50-person capacity lounge and golf course will be rented out. It will open thirty minutes in advance of the day’s first film and closing shortly after the evening’s last presentation.

Putting such an attraction in place is a part of a bigger push to get people into theaters during a time when they have a lot more options, like watching at home or on streaming services. Movie theaters are gradually adding more comfortable seats, bars, and lounging areas in the lobby, and providing cuisine that goes much beyond the typical popcorn and Junior Mints—though most won’t go so far as to set up a golf course inside.

The 33,652-square-foot theater at Alamo Drafthouse will have 11 auditoriums with around 650 freshly installed leather chairs that recline and 4K digital projection when it opens. The meal will be prepared from scratch using a menu.

When food and beverages are delivered to a customer’s seat during a movie, wait staff is trained to ensure that the experience is uninterrupted.

Alamo Drafthouse, which currently has 40 locations, is replacing Silverspot Cinema. July saw Silverspot’s closure following 14 years at Mercato. It also has a sophisticated movie theater concept along with fine food, upgraded interior decor, and concierge services.

This article originally appeared on The Business Observer